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GUESS Centre Courts – Digital Signage

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Grapevine Media brings Guess centre courts to life x 10 BY INCORPORATING Digital Signage.

In-store branding leaders Grapevine Media recently activated Guess Watch Centre Courts in super regional malls Sandton City, Eastgate and Gateway over December 2018 to capture consumers attention looking to purchase gifts for friends and loved ones.


I’m very proud of our team’s ability to think forward by incorporating LED tech into our temporary, modular and movable centre courts to animate the space says Angus Murray Smith, MD of Grapevine media.  The super bright screens really caught consumers attention says Lerato Kgosana, Account Manager at Grapevine Media who worked on the campaign extensively with the Guess team.


Charisse Maroun, Grapevines sales leader agrees that the screens being 10 times brighter than traditional LCD signage really stops passing consumers in their tracks. “In my opinion the digital signage is the missing opportunity in being able to grab busy shoppers with very short attention spans much more effectively than static images. We were able to tell the brand story through the digital signage which leads consumers to ask questions about the watches displayed at the centre courts.


I agree it’s a win-win on all accounts says Sue-Mia Van der Westhuizen who oversaw the design team on the centre courts. We expect to continue to customise our centre courts around brands needs to communicate their message through our 10 x LED signage. It’s an added dimension that can’t be overlooked.


For more information on movable centre courts with bespoke digital signage please contact Grapevine’s Sales Manager Charisse Maroun.

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