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One of the most important marketing tools a company can leverage is in-store branding. No matter how big or small your footprint is, you need to be unmistakably visible to your potential customers. They need to recognise you immediately!  In-store design cannot be left to chance, you need to see any store, window or area as a stage built specifically for your voice.

Visual merchandising is the backdrop to any great campaign, it reflects your brand’s voice and identity while giving a point of reference (what’s going on) to your target audience.

This is an essential part, as it is the first impression a customer will have when they enter a store and see your in-store branding identity.  You can use window displays, floor graphics, wallpaper or something hanging from the sky, anything that says

“here I am” or “we’ve been waiting just for you!”. It’s the perfect way to entice someone to enter the store and interact with your brand.

By romancing your prospective client with the right images and visual cues, you can set a theme, brand your products and add your personality to an everyday space. We’d love to assist you in creating an environment which

  • Offers a complete lifestyle or solution to you consumers
  • Creates clearly defined purpose or call to actions
  • Encourages interactivity between your brand and your consumers
  • Emphasizes product function clearly and relatable
  • Builds a continuous brand experience
  • So much more!

Customers still chooses brick and mortar stores, specifically to interact and see brands. Don’t sit out on the perfect opportunity to meet your customers, and wow them!

Contact Grapevine Media, and let’s go dazzle some customers!

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